Centuries of Decay's self-titled debut album is an imaginative, uncompromising creation, fusing a variety of Black/Death elements and progressive modern influences. With dramatic tempo shifts, odd time signatures and many songs tipping the 10 minute mark, 'Centuries of Decay' is an epic journey to the apocalypse and beyond.

'Centuries of Decay' explores the cyclical nature of creation and destruction, history repeating itself. The self-titled track is set against a backdrop of horrific worldwide destruction. Even though civilization is destroyed, nature reclaims the land. From there, the rest of the album recounts the beginnings of social unrest (The Architect), corruption and disillusionment (Asylum, Odyssey) and eventually war (Wings of Death, Rise). The album comes to a close with Demise, a twelve minute epic that pulsates with powerful atmosphere and devastating intensity. 

"Buried beneath the sands of time
Erased from history"