We live on the layers of deep time and history, strata of times past; life literally depends on centuries of decay.

Now, progressive extreme metal visionaries CENTURIES OF DECAY build on the metal that has come before to create the metal of the future.

Formed in 2013 in Toronto, Ontario, CENTURIES OF DECAY sound is ‘atmospheric, intense, powerful, dynamic, and heavy’.

“The intention of the name is to paint an image of nature reclaiming the lands and cities and erasing the traces of humanity once people have been removed from the world. This can also be open to interpretation. Some may see Centuries of Decay as being in reference to an extended period of social degradation or the idea of the planet being a barren land void of life entirely. We chose this name because we felt it conveyed a powerful image and atmosphere, which appropriately went hand-in-hand with our musical style.”



That style will be unleashed by the four-piece on their self-titled debut album due out August 4, 2017, which drummer Derrick Doucette is eager for fans to hear.

“I was told recently that someone found our sound very unique and refreshing. That really meant a lot to me and I would love if that opinion was shared by both old and new fans. I find we’ve taken our influences from various sub-genres of extreme metal and turned them into a tasteful blend of compelling, climactic and devastating intensity on these seven tracks.”

Live, CENTURIES OF DECAY have their own unique approach to performing, they make every set flow together, creating a huge atmosphere and letting the metal speak for itself.